About Shaaron


Always bold and courageous, Shaaron Honeycutt displayed a deep passion for health and wellness since a very young age. Shaaron played with a fierce, “full-out” attitude that led to bumps and bruises along the way. After surviving a childhood full of physical, emotional, and mental challenges, Shaaron developed the philosophy by which she lives today: "The obstacle is the path." Shaaron strives to see every hardship as a beautiful opportunity for growth. 

In her 20s, Shaaron noticed her childhood aches and pains continued to bother her so she began to seek out her own remedies. Determined that there are more options than Western medicine offers, she discovered Iyengar Yoga. Her passion for Iyengar Yoga lead her to India many times learning directly from B.K.S Iyengar himself and the Iyengar family. As a result, Shaaron has been practicing and teaching Iyengar Yoga for 25+ years. Through her personal practice, Shaaron discovered the crucial components contributing to prolonged health and vitality. 

In 2016, Shaaron experienced a day that changed her life forever. Shock and disbelief crashed down on her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in the prime of her life and health. Keeping true to her nature of health and wellness, Shaaron marched forward and cancer quickly became just another challenge for her to overcome.

Since her diagnosis, Shaaron has fought hard against her cancer, riding the waves of life, emerging from the experience healthier than ever. 

She is now devoted to sharing her knowledge, experiences, and strength with you and others like you who need it. 

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