All of our work together begins with a 30-minute health history consultation (in person, or internationally via Skype, $50). This is an opportunity to discuss your current health challenges and goals while providing insight into how my strengths will compliment your struggles.

We will go over the packages that I offer in our consultation. Once we gain some clarity and you find a program that works for you, the $50 consultation fee is credited back towards your program costs!

Have questions? Email me for further clarity at anytime!




Individual Appointments

30 mins ($50), 50 mins ($99), and 70 mins ($139) sessions available

Consistent & Ongoing Coaching

Billed Monthly: $279 per month for three months, $249 per month for six months

One-Time Payment: $750 for three months, $1,300 for six months

Monthly coaching includes an hour-long weekly visit or call, unlimited email and text support, reminder/encouraging regular text messaging, unlimited access to yoga video library (when available) during coaching duration.

Pantry Clean Out

$150 for 90 mins

Purge and old with the old and in with the new!

Grocery Store Odyssey

$150 for 75 mins

Find the easy way to great and health food. It’s all in what you buy. Learn what to look for and how to shop so that your commitment to your health need not be a time nightmare.